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Since 2010, Teach For America has been working to draw diverse leaders committed to educational equity to Rhode Island. As a result, more than 170 alumni are living and working in our state—89 percent directly in education or in a field that impacts education.

We are a state of firsts, and we could be the first in the nation to ensure all our children are receiving the quality education they deserve, and that will set them on a path to success.  Rhode Island’s children deserve a chance to chart their own course and build a better future for our state.

With our recruitment efforts, our region is supporting the Rhode Island Department of Education's goal of developing a more diverse group of excellent teachers and school leaders. We know that when students can identify with their teacher’s background, they can tangibly envision their own leadership and success.

Through continued partnership, we aim to ensure that students in Rhode Island's highest-need schools have equal access to the educational opportunities necessary to compete in and grow our state's economy and overall future.


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